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Welcome to Redundancy Help 2015


Have you just been made redundant? Do you need help and advice? Our Specialist Employment Law is offering Free Legal Advice. Click here to contact Philip and discuss your requirements

Redundancy can be a difficult time for many people. We have a comprehensive article that gives you a complete overview of the redundancy process. Click here to read more

Statutory Redundancy Pay is currently set at £475 per week as of February 2015

If you have recently been made Redundant then you have come to the best place to get information on Redundancy, Redundancy Pay, No Win No Fee Employment Law Advice etc. The site is full of information to help you survive what is, for many, a very unpleasant time.

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Redundancy - An overview:

In this day and age it seems that redundancy has become part of our natural working lives. Long gone are the days when you started as an apprentice and went on to stay with the same company for years often most of your working life. Today redundancy materialises as every job and position is liable to be terminated at any moment. It is a scary situation to be in and one which the younger generation are going to have to face on a regular basis, but also with expectation. Even careers where you used to feel relatively safe such as nursing or the Forces are now subject to redundancy, cutbacks or reapplying for your position, where your once seemly safe job has been re packaged.

Redundancy Help offers those who face redundancy with advice and support which unfortunately so often their own companies do not.  Companies which are aware of their corporate image/ brand and are interested in protecting their goodwill will often bring in, or make available companies which specialise in this area. The official name for redundancy assistance is outplacement; it is job counselling, giving advice about where you can find assistance with a new career, training, or indeed financial assistance. Redundancy Help offers this career transition service free of charge in a very comprehensive site which is easily accessible and which has current information to help you get back on your feet.

One of the first aspects of redundancy is often the initial shock “it is the job which is made redundant not you”. I’ve written that statement on this website many times, and it is true but it doesn’t feel like it when it happens to you. It does feel personal whatever anyone says, and when you look around at your work colleagues you can’t help but think why me?

Remaining positive when redundancy looms can be difficult as the job market can seem a daunting one to enter if you have been employed with the same company for many years. However, it does not need to be, Redundancy Help has pages of advice and ideas about CV writing, interview techniques, psychometric testing and other avenues you might like to consider. If your company has decided to give you prior notice of the redundancies, this can give you the opportunity to plan for it in a more positive way; you can give much more thought to your options rather than just being sent a text ( it does happen!) to let you know you have been made redundant effective immediately.

Change is often seen as something which is not beneficial; many of us enjoy our routines even if we do complain about them. We like getting up at a certain time leaving for work and knowing what is expected of us when we get to work. We like to plan our futures, our hobbies, nights out and romantic dinners or look forward to going away on holiday. All these expectations and this lifestyle can be disrupted in one meeting, your life and or that of your family can change. At these times you can either panic or plan, Redundancy Help can offer support with either. You may have planned for income protection to safeguard your home and a proportion of your income in the form of redundancy insurance or you may be planning Early Retirement. You may not have, either way sitting down with your family and prioritising and planning your next step is the most proactive action you can take. That sounds odd but there are a great many people who find it very difficult to even talk about redundancy let alone admit they have been made redundant. It is a difficult time but it is often at these times when you see a family all pull together. If more people know you are to be made redundant you have more eyes looking out for new opportunities. Social networking may sound like something alien to many older people but todays  workforce use this to their advantage, word goes round much faster when you twitter and you can put out feelers to all your friends on Facebook to see if they have heard of any vacancies. Redundancy is not always bad it can be a time for a new beginning, retraining or a career transition. You may decide to start your own online business, turn your hobby into a career take early retirement all avenues need to be explored it is just a new beginning.

When the company you work for intends to make you redundant there are specific steps they need to abide. It is a good idea that you are aware of your redundancy rights, and that the right redundancy process is being followed by the firm. You will want to know about your statutory redundancy payments as well as looking at a redundancy calculator which will give you an idea of your redundancy payment due

Your employer must give you a written statement showing how you have calculated your final payment this is usually given to you before or when you are receive your final pay packet.

When making redundancies the Human Resources department of the company have to abide by certain criteria; this same criteria needs to be applied to all who are facing redundancy and it cannot be preferential to a certain member of the team because they are a “friend or relative” of the boss. This form of treatment falls under the unfair dismissal umbrella and can be fought by an employment law solicitor. If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed you can seek a free initial consultation with our Redundancy Help solicitor who is an employment law specialist. Alternatively you may like to seek help from CAB citizen advice bureau and they will be able to put you in touch with a reputable law firm.

Redundancy Help is here to assist you at this time, please feel free to bookmark the site so you can have the site on tap for advice and support or to check any details or contacts which you may need. Other resources can be found at

If you feel you would like to contact us with any ideas on how we can improve the website to support you click here to contact us.

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